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Hello and welcome to the devilish world of the Devon Rex.

We are hobby exhibitors and breeders of the naughty, funny and beautiful cats. Living in East Croydon, London all our cats are family pets and live with us.

I have been involved in 'The Cat Fancy' for over 30 years. When living in Glasgow my father and I were breeders and exhibitors of Burmese, Siamese and Balinese cats. After a long period without cats, moving around the country with work, I settled in East Croydon and we now have four cats. That was when i fell in love with the Devon Rex. Pippin is our first Devon Rex, a seal tabby point neutered boy, full title 'Premier Faerydae Great Expectations'. As you will find out one Devon isn't enough. Our girl and mum to our future Clan, is Flora. Itzapromise Sporty Spice, to give her her proper name. 

Its all very exciting and cant wait for the patter of tiny paws ... watch this space.

I am always happy to chat about this fantastic breed. So any questions , please get in touch :-)

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